Mister Brain

Directed by Matthew Harrison

"Drop a tab of the mind-blowing Super 8 mm acid trip MISTER BRAIN." anonymous

"The 2001 of '80's cubist flicks. Kubrick would be proud." anonymous

Flyer announcing MISTER BRAIN's Screening Neither Nor, 703 E. 6th St., June 21, 1985

Matthew Harrison's hallucinogenic cubistic psycho-drama MISTER BRAIN is a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream. The story follows dream journeys triggered when a young girl (Laurie Olinder) remembers a beloved childhood toy MISTER BRAIN. When the toy begins appearing in her friends dreams, our heroine knows it is time to terminate MISTER BRAIN. Featuring a hypnotic soundtrack by Scientist, Lee Perry and others, beautiful (and prescient) pre-PeeWee's Playhouse sets and the famous "Chess Game from Hell".

postcard for MISTER BRAIN screening at 130 East 7 St. in February 1985

8 minutes

Laurie Olinder, Daniel Brenner, Paul Rodriguez, Benjamin Harrison.

Directed by Matthew Harrison
Written by Matthew Harrison from an idea by Laurie Olinder.
Sets designed and built by Laurie Olinder and Matthew Harrison.
Music by Scientist, Lee Perry.