Still from the award winning RAW IMAGES FROM THE OPTIC CROSS The Golem from the upcoming THANATOS + EROS: THE BIRTH OF THE HOLY FREAK A spiritual horror film about a father, his son and the Holocaust. Jochiam Regeilen in THANATOS + EROS: THE BIRTH OF THE HOLY FREAK
RAW IMAGES FROM THE OPTIC CROSS screened at Sundance Film Festival and over 45 International Film Festivals Profile of Karl Nussbaum in The Independent Film and Video magazine. Raw Images premeired on the Sundance Channel on April 18, 8:30 PM as part of their Holocaust Remembrance Day program.
Karl Nussbaum has been making films for over 18 years. His films have been screened in numerous European and American film festivals and museums. In 1997 he received a grant from the Puffin Foundation for RAW IMAGES FROM THE OPTIC CROSS, which premiered at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and the Rotterdam International Film Festival and has screened at over 45 International Film festivals in 1998- 99. In 1995 he won a Jury Prize at the Hamburg International Kurz Film Festival for PSYCHO-BIOLOGY, and was chosen to be a judge for the festival the following year. He has made over 25 short films and videos. His promos can be seen on MTV, MTV2, VH-1, Sundance Channel, Fox TV, and Children's Television Workshop. His films have been screened at Sundance, Rotterdam, Oberhausen, London, Hamburg and Vancouver International Film Festivals; the St. Petersberg Festival of Festivals, in Berlin, Stockholm, Portugal, Hawaii, Naples, Cork, at Lincoln Center, the Smithsonian Institution, R.I.S.D., Harvard Film Archives, Angelika Film Center, the Anthology Film Archives, the Director's Guild of America, La MaMa, P.S. 122, Hirschhorn Museum, Ridge St. Gallery, and Associacao Cultural Kinoforum in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In 1999, Karl was awarded a grant and residency by the Cultural Board of the City of Hamburg to work in Hamburg on his new feature film, THANATOS + EROS: THE BIRTH OF THE HOLY FREAK, and became associated with the Hamburg film collective Abbildungszentrum as a guest filmmaker. He was then awarded a grant for production of the new film by the Hamburg FilmForderung, to be co-produced with Peter Stockhaus Film Production, completing in 2002.

Thanatos & Eros - 2002, 35 mm 60 min.
Raw Images from the Optic Cross - 1997, 35 mm 25 min. Sundance Film Festival
FILM CRASH Festival Intro - 1994, 35 mm. 1 min.
Surfingthe Nile - 1994, video 15 min.
Geek spots - 1994, (series of shorts) video 5 min.
PsychoBiology -1992, 16 mm. 15 min.
Mondo Religion -1992, 16 mm 7 min.
Weird World - 1992, (series of shorts) video 4 min.
Subject: Manson 69 - 1990, 16mm. 8 min.
The Mission- 1990, super 8, 3min.
Hemi-Cuda - 1990, video and super 8, 5min.
Manson Family Opera promo - 1990, super 8, 2 min
Son of MAN - 1989, super 8, 12 min.
The Man who invented the Twinkie - 1989, 16 mm. 3o min. with Scott Saunders
Twinkie trailer - 1989, super 8, 2 min.
In Search of the Pope's Libido! - 1989, super 8, 20 min.
Film Crash Kids intro - 1989, super 8, 2min.
Bicycle intro - 1989, super 8, 2 min.
What God did on His First Day Off - 1988, super 8, 11 min.
Tilt-A-World - 1988, super 8, 4 min.
Slice of Life - 1988, super 8, 3 min.
Hip Hop intro - 1988, super 8, 1 min.
Your Dreams Can Kill You - 1985,16 mm. 16 min.
The Disappeared - 1985,16 mm. 6 min.
Liberty Encaged / Let Us Live - 1985, super 8, 2 min
OCTOBER - 1984, super 8, 10 min.
Krush Groove - 1984, super 8, 16 min.
EXP. #3 - 1984, super 8, 2 min.
D.O.A. (Drug of America) - 1983, super 8, 4 min
Scenes of Night - 1981, super 8, 7 min.
My room / My mind - 1980, super 8, 5 min.
The End -1972, super 8, 3 min.
Hamptons International Film Festival RAW IMAGES FROM THE OPTIC CROSS
Philadelphia International Film Festival RAW IMAGES FROM THE OPTIC CROSS
Flagstaff International Film Festival RAW IMAGES FROM THE OPTIC CROSS
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