Film Crash is an international company of directors, writers and producers. Founded by directors Matthew Harrison, Karl Nussbaum and Scott Saunders, Film Crash engages in a range of film and television activities.
INSIDE Matthew Harrison's short film with Kevin Corrigan unspooled at the Oldenburg Film Festival. The story of the Holy Freak, a personal travelogue from award winning director Karl Nussbaum. Scott Saunders' feature film starring Academy Award® winning actress Tatum O'Neal.

This January Matt Harrison travelled to the Slamdance Film Festival as a member of the feature film jury. Matt's new feature comedy MY LITTLE HOLLYWOOD unspooled at the Manhattan Film Festival. Emre Korkmaz wrote "Targeted to reach the full potential of cinema. Acting superb across the board". Read Emre's complete review. Matt's Sundance Jury Prize winning feature film RHYTHM THIEF is now available on DVD from Netflix. Submissions are now open for the 2014 Film Crash Film Festival. Learn more by clicking here.

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Karl Nussbaum is currently in New York City directing for MTV2 and in production of his next film. Karl was recently living and working in Hamburg, Germany, where he received a residency and grant from the Culture Board of the City of Hamburg for his film, THANATOS + EROS: The Birth of the Holy Freak. He also received a production grant from the "Hamburg Filmforderung", and co-produced his film with the Peter Stockhaus Film Production Co.
Scott Saunders' recent feature, THE TECHNICAL WRITER, stars Academy Award® Winning actress Tatum O'Neal and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The story: when Joe, a movie actor, is suddenly called overseas on a two-month shoot, he and his wife Slim decide that, while Joe is away, it would make an amusing project for Slim to see if she could seduce their neighbor Jessup out of his seclusion. Jessup succumbs to Slim's charm, which reawakens in him the desire for life, the open air, and-to his amazement-love.

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